Anomalies in The Tropic of Orange

During my reading of the Tropic of Orange the question that kept arising within me and had me most interested in, is why was their one singular orange tree which grew out of season? What does that symbolize?
Does this have anything to do with the other anomalies which overtake the novel?

Does this have any relation to multiculturalism? In my head I was able to link the two different kinds of oranges with the different ways to deal with different cultures and ways to deal with multiculturalism, with the orange that kills being a symbol of intolerant people who do not accept anyone outside of the norm or their own ethnic background/culture and the orange that heals being the people who mend the broken bonds between cultures that are created by those who are intolerant.

What do you think? How do the anomalies and magical happenings relate to the idea of multiculturalism?

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